15 Inspiring Female Artists to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is such an amazing platform for artists because it is so visual. Over the last year, I have been looking for more and more amazing woman artists on Instagram to follow! I am always inspired by the amazing things they are accomplishing and it helps push me forward in my business as well!

I have been really intentional recently to create a feed that only gives me good vibes and doesn’t trigger my anxiety or depression. This is a process that I am constantly refining, but essentially I only follow people I actually want to see on a daily basis (that even includes unfollowing some friends and family!). My mental and emotional health is something that I am learning to be more intentional with and that reaches to my social media feeds. 

So, I’ve chosen to fill my feed with people who feed my soul and these amazing 15 female artists on Instagram definitely do just that!




Stephanie Law 

I found Stephanie’s work a while back and completely fell in love with it! I am completely obsessed with gold, so she definitely won me over with her use of golds. But I also love the story and feel of her work. She is such an inspiration to me as I grow as an artist!

Naomi VanDoren

I recently found Naomi’s work on Youtube and completely fell in love with it! The way she tells stories through her work is incredible! And her use of watercolors is gorgeous. I am completely captivated by her paintings and videos. She is currently working on an illustrated YA Fantasy series, which I am super excited for! Definitely worth checking her work out!

 Ruth Speer of September Wild Flowers

I have been following Ruth for a while now on Instagram and I have loved seeing her incredible work. One thing that is really incredible to me is that she uses oil paints and watercolors depending on the piece she is creating (and she is fantastic with both mediums!). She is coming out with a fantasy zine soon, so keep an eye out for that! 


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“And when he sang, he drew them, transfigured, into constellated gardens, and raised their suddenly selfless eyes to the march and flight of angels.” • ‘Magic in the House’ by Eva Triem ✨‍♂️ My show with at @talongallery with @edithlebeau opened!! Thank you SO VERY MUCH to all you lovely people who came to the opening—I talked so much that I don’t exactly remember what I said to anyone, but the memory that’s there is just a feeling of overwhelming kindness from everybody. The lovely gallery owners commented that it was a specially friendly crowd that night There are still paintings available! There’s a link in my bio to view the pieces from the show (Talon Gallery also offers payment plans). Here are some detail photos and a few progress vids of this piece as you can hear I was listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks while painting this one which may have influenced the title a bit Also!! If you want to see a more in-depth process video with music and the works, the whole painting is on my YouTube channel (what I have of one anyway) P.S. The bottom inscription means “dragon tears.” “The Night Magician” 8×10” framed to 12×14”, oil on panel.

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Sophie Tea

I have been following Sophie for about 6 months and I am so glad I am! She is seriously #girlboss goals! Watching her grow her business and put herself out there has been a huge inspiration as I grow my business.  She just made the transition to abstracts and it seems to really be suiting her! Definitely check out her work! 

Sha’an d’Anthes of Furry Little Peach

Furry Little Peach has been one of my biggest inspirations since I decided to do art full-time. I have been watching her studio vlogs for a long time now and I can’t wait til the next one comes out! I love the incredible illustrations she does. Plus, her stories always make me smile! 


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Slow and steady! ✍✨

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Dimitra Milan

Dimitra is such an incredible young woman! She is an incredible and successful artist at only 19! And she has been doing this for years! Her work is so surreal and dream-like, which really connects with me. I love her use of women and animals. Definitely take a moment to check out more of her work!


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Close up… almost finished with this one! I had so much fun with these lips, @itsbabydash thanks for being my beautiful inspiration! #dimitramilanart #oilpainting #wip

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Lindsay Rapp

I have been following Lindsay for a while now. I am so inspired by her massive portraits. Lindsay does these amazing, magical paintings! I love her use of golds in her work, as well.  Definitely check out her incredible work!


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This is a painting I created of the inspiring, powerful prima ballerina Misty Copeland @mistyonpointe. She rises to the top as a role model of how dreams come true, breaking through barriers that should never have been there in the first place. Being the first female African American to be promoted to Principal Dancer at the American Ballet Theater @abtofficial in history, she is a path paver, a culture changer, a symbol of strength and feminine power. She is the female heroine that our society needs. She dances not only for her pure love for it, but also for the greater meaning beyond her own life to empower other’s lives. Her relentless hard work, passion, discipline, and motivation is infectious, flaming the fires inside all our hearts to work harder. I was moved to tears with her story, of overcoming poverty, assumptions about race, and injury. I can’t thank her enough for how much she has inspired me in my artistic journey, as well as inspiring countless others. She is a living example of how the arts make a difference and how greatly it impacts the world. This is a painting of this incredible empowering woman and all that she symbolizes for making this world a better place. Please View my Previous Video Posted to see more angles of this painting✨ Thank you so much to the amazing photographer @trentmcginn for taking such gorgeous photos of Misty Copeland. It was such an honor to be able to paint from his incredible photography work! #ballet #ballerina #mistycopeland Original Painting and Prints Available on my website: www.LindsayRappGallery.com Or click the Link in my Bio: @lindsayrapp

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Jacquelin de Leon

I have been following Jacquelin for a long time. I initially started watching her on youtube and have since followed her on Instagram as well. Her style is so distinct, I can see her work anywhere and I know it is hers! I specifically love the witches she draws and paints.


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“Kintsugi” 2017 18×24” watercolor This piece was the most fun i’ve had painting in a long time. There’s something about working on a painting that large that forces you to be meticulous and focus on every detail. Once you get past the planning and composition stage, which is half the work, the rest is easy. You can just get lost in the details and paint for hours as long as you don’t get carried away and lose sight of the overall image. I want to do more large scale pieces like this. I’m currently working on one that has already introduced a handful of problems, but something about solving them and making it work makes the end result even better. The prints of this are back in stock✨ and i’m almost caught up on shipping orders, thank you for being patient with me‍♀️ . #kintsugi #illustration #artistsoninstagram #jacquelindeleon #watercolor #watercolorpainting #painting #instaart

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Amy T. Won

I found Amy’s work recently and completely fell in love with it! It is so enchanted! She also does studies directly from nature which is so fascinating. It’s like you can see the feeling in her paintings. I can’t get enough! 

Leigh Ellexson

Leigh is another artist that I found on youtube first and completely fell in love with! Last year she did a challenge where she drew everyday for a year, which has been a huge inspiration and challenge for me.  I love her use of color and love of all things cute!


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Taking pictures of neon pink colored pencil ain’t easy

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Rosa F of Rosie’s Sketchbook

Rosa’s little paintings are so incredible! I love the way she depicts nature in her pieces. I have been especially inspired by her compass series. They were all absolutely insane! She just started a new series about environmental issues. I can’t wait to see what magic she creates!

Lily Seika Jones of Rivulet Paper

I totally love Lily’s work! Her colors are so deep and her work has such a surreal feel, which I really connect to! I love her use of nature in her paintings and it’s always interesting to see what she comes up with next! 

Leigh Anne Thompson of Elanpottery

Leigh combines ceramic arts with printing and the results are absolutely incredible! I especially love her skull printed mugs. I love to see the color combinations she gets with her glazes and printing. It is always interesting to see what is next! 

Katie Marks of AnotherSeattleArtist

I am completely obsessed with Katie’s pottery! She does a ton of gorgeous mugs that include things like sprinkles and glow and the dark glazes. It’s so fascinating! My personal favorites are her unicorn pipes. I seriously want one, but always miss them when her shop opens! 


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**SOLD OUT**It’s a unicorn parade!! This Sunday April 29th at 5pm PST I will be adding all the work I’ve been making this month to my etsy shop! (Link in bio). After the sale I will immediately pack and ship these and then I am off on a tropical island vacation with my hubby until may 21st!! BALI HERE WE COME!!! I am so looking forward to this break First come first serve. No reservations or custom orders. Please read the FAQ section of my shop! I can’t even express how grateful and excited I am to all of you for getting me to nearly 200k followers!! So close!! Thank you for loving my work and allowing me to create my version of good for the world! I couldn’t do it without all of you! #ceramics #porcelain #handmade #unicornpipe #girlswhosmokeweed #cannabiscommunity #womenofcannabis #cannaqueens #420 #unicorn #magic #goodvibes #legalizeit #seattleartist #magic #cute

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Erica Gilliam of The Sleepy Pine

That’s right! I am adding a shameless promo in here for my work. I mean, it’s my post, so I can! I love painting nature and adding a bit more magic to it! I have always been inspired by fantasy elements and am beginning to add more of this into my work. I am currently in the process of some amazing growth and cannot wait to share some of my new work really soon! 

Who are some of your favorites female artists to follow on Instagram? Throw them in the comments below, I would love to check out some more amazing artists!! 


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