It’s a Sleepy Pine Seconds Sale!

When creating products there are always variations that aren’t quite up to standard while I test the prints or stickers to get the colors right. I will do test prints and the colors will be slightly off from where I want or my sticker cutter may cut slightly off-center. Sometimes I will also have original art that I unintentionally mess up slightly and don’t feel that I can sell it anymore.

These are seconds.

Every time I have these not quite perfect products, I have just tucked them into a drawer awaiting the day that I will do something with them.

Well, Today is that day!

I have taken all these products and added them to my shop at quite a discount from their up-to-par counterparts, depending on the varying levels of imperfections. Some of them have colors that are just slightly off from the original. Maybe it printed with a slight yellow tint or a little darker than intended. Sometimes my sticker cutter will get really confused and will cut things wrong. I even have a few sticker sheets that never made it into the sticker cutter because I changed the format of the page after I printed the first copy. These are still perfectly useable stickers, they just need to be cut out by hand.

When you view the seconds, all imperfections will be marked, photographed, and described. So, please read these descriptions carefully to ensure you exactly what you are purchasing!

Getting all these new products in my shop has been quite the endeavor! I am eternally grateful that my husband has been able to assist me in getting these shop listings created and ready to go, because I don’t know if this would have honestly happened without him!

You can find all my seconds in my shop here: https://thesleepypine.com/shop/sale/seconds/.

I can’t wait for you to take a peak!



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