12 Tips for Self-employed, Homeschooling Mamas | Working from home & Managing all the Things

When I made the decision that I was going to homeschool my daughter while also working from home for myself as a blogger and artist, a lot of people thought I was a little bit crazy. While there were some amazing people in my life who were super supportive, the majority of people thought that I was trying to do too much. I began scouring the internet looking for resources on balancing everything and I was thoroughly disappointed by the results. Most posts gave the most basic tips ever and I was consistently left wanting more. That was about a year and a half ago. 

Now, I am feeling a bit better about this journey. I definitely don’t have it all figured out, but I have learned so much over the last year. So, if you’re thinking of working for yourself and homeschooling, know that you’ve got this mama!! I have compiled 12 tips that have made a huge difference for me as I have taken my business serious and found a flow in homeschooling.

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Our Travel Photography and Videography Gear

As we prepare for our adventure of traveling full-time as a family, I wanted to share with you the gear we have and the gear that we are saving up to hopefully get soon.  Taking good photographs is not only important for having amazing memories, but it is also something that is vital as we create art and travel content full-time here on my blog, YouTube channel, and Instagram account. So, if you’re interested in what we are taking with us to photograph and film our adventures, this list is for you! You can simply click on the image to see more information about it.

Please note… This post does include affiliate links. This simply means that I get a small commission if you were to purchase something through one of my links. You can read more about it here in my Affiliate link FAQ. 


Gear we are taking

Canon 60D DSLR Camera with 18-135mm lens

I got this camera several years ago for portrait photography. You can now purchase it at a steep discount, but it is an older model. If you are interested in the updated model, you can get that here. 


Introducing The Sleepy Pine Studio | Why the name change, what to expect, and more!

Welcome to The Sleepy Pine, formerly known as Erica Gilliam Studio. I am so excited to share with you all the amazing things that have been happening in my life! I have always been someone who embraces the process that is required for personal growth and change. For years, people have seen my shifts and changes as “flakey” or “indecisive” and while there is a bit of truth in that, it doesn’t look at the whole picture.  Every choice in my life has brought me closer and closer to the place that I am at today, to living my most authentic life. 

8 months ago, I made the decision to make art full-time. This was a huge leap of faith, but I knew that it was the right decision for me. During this time, I have been really intentional to learn more about who I am, how I work, and what is important to me. Everything brought me closer to accepting the person that I truly am, indecision and all.

However, making art isn’t all that I am passionate about. Yes, it is a huge part of it, but there are so many more things that I need to share and I needed an outlet to share them.  I looked at all the options… Have a separate blog/youtube for the lifestyle stuff, just share it in my Instagram stories, have a blog with my husband, etc… But the reality is, I am not a person that likes to compartmentalize. I actually want a very blurred line between my “work” and my “life”.  I believe that it is all cohesive and connected. 

So, I made the riskiest decision I have made thus far, combine it all. This is where The Sleepy Pine comes in. The Sleepy Pine is about life, family, and passion. It is about exploration and adventure. It is about embracing who you are and creating the life that you dream of. The Sleepy Pine is me, through and through. Not the version of me that I thought people may be interested in or the version of me that I thought I should be, but the real me.  Continue Reading

April 2017 Blogging Goals & March Reflection

Oh my! I cannot believe that April is already here! While March didn’t necessarily fly by, I am still in awe of the fact that it is over already.  I made huge goals for the month of March this year.  As a matter of fact, I made huge goals for the entire year! Did I meet every single goal that I had set for March? Nope! And I am totally okay with it.   That may sound counter-intuitive. But just because I didn’t meet my first month’s goals doesn’t mean anything about my ability to accomplish a TON! This isn’t a sprint.

But for the sake of reflection, let’s look a little bit at March.  
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My 2017 Blog Goals

I started my first blog about 8 years ago.  I was 18 and had just gotten married and moved away from home. I wanted a way to share my experiences and stay connected with my family.  Shortly after starting I realized that not only do people make a living doing this but that there was a huge community of bloggers out there.  This was the start of my desire to make a living online, blogging.  I have flirted with this idea of blogging full-time, but I honestly don’t think I was emotionally or mentally ready to begin.  It took me 7 years to finally accept who I am and what I want out of my life.

If you are here because you are thinking about starting a blog, please be sure to check out my step-by-step guide to starting a blog! 

I am tired of researching and gaining information, yet doing nothing with it.  I am tired of saying I want to work online but my actions don’t match that desire.  This is the life I want.  I want to live a non-traditional life, homeschool my daughter, travel, and make enough money on my blog to sustain that lifestyle (without my husband having to work, too).  

So, I’ve made goals.  Big ones! This year I am going to try to prove that you can make a full-time income on a nicheless blog in less than a year.  I have more work to do this year than I have probably ever done. It will be emotional, stressful at times, but worth it (if I can succeed!). 

Without further adieu….. 
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March 2017 Blog Goals


I cannot believe that it is already March! I feel like February simply dissolved into a pot of sickness, back pain, and moving.  I kept trying to get things accomplished, but it just didn’t happen the way I wanted it to.  But it was such a good thing! I had a chance to step back, prioritize, and move forward.  I had an opportunity to evaluate what I want, what I need, and how to get there.  It was hard, but I am so glad to be here!  

This month, I realized that I have huge blogging goals and I am going to have to work my ass off to get there!  I have decided that I need to make a full-time income on this blog before the end of the year or I will need to get another job.  I don’t want that at all.  Read more about this and all my 2017 blogging goals here.

So, in order to reach my March blogging goals, I have to put in a ton of hours on here to make that happen!  I want to share with you what I have to accomplish this month to stay on track for my goals and how I plan to make this happen.  
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